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Alan Ross has developed his own unique style since 1989 when he first practised yoga. It is a style which is slow yet gently challenging and which unites mind, breath and body the very essence and meaning of yoga.

Alan also teaches mindfulness in the workplace and runs a very successful programme called The Mindful Leader (Four morning sessions spread over eight weeks).

Alan Ross, Yoga teacher for Executive Yoga

Executive Yoga Class

Alan was a company director in blue chip companies, Smiths Crisps, Scottish & Newcastle and Booker, until becoming an executive coach and setting up his company ARK Associates in 1994. ARK clients include BBC, BskyB, Barclays, DUBS, o2, McAlpine, NPower, Northumbrian Water, NHS, Port of Tyne, UBS.

Alan teaches regular classes in North East England, with corporate events available UK-wide.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you for showing how different things can be"

"Very rewarding experience"

"Very unwound now!"

"As for the meditation and yoga - just excellent and so beneficial"

"Really good for the mind and soul"

"I went home feeling very relaxed, yet focused on the way forward"

"I am confident I will change how I do things in my personal and professional life- thank you!!"

"Felt luxurious I learned to relax in a business friendly way for the first time"

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